CFP® | Fiduciary We Are Blue Jay

We are an independent Registered Investment Adviser that was born out of a desire to be able to do what’s right and specialize in financial planning. We help you design and implement a plan to help you make sure you’ll be OK.


What makes us different?

We get our biggest thrills from helping people plan through retirement, become financially independent, plan for your kids and grandkids, and become incredibly wealthy so that you can give a bunch of it away.

We manage our own investment models in-house and can manage all of your investments under one unified plan. We call this the “Blue Jay Method” for fun and we love the simplicity of the process. We think you will too.

Image of Jason Bernal, CFP®

Jason Bernal, CFP®


Jason is the owner of Blue Jay, and his unique experiences have allowed him to grasp the complex world of business while making it simple for his clients to understand.

Image of Caleb Frankart

Caleb Frankart

Financial Advisor | Enrolled Agent

I have been advising clients for the last decade and love helping people save and invest for short term and long term goals, and providing tax strategy all along the way.

Image of Jacob Black

Jacob Black


Recognizing the fears and uncertainties surrounding financial planning, I place a strong emphasis on educating clients, and strive to illuminate their financial path and instill confidence in their future decisions.

Image of Jenny Greear

Jenny Greear

Operations Manager

With decades of experience in leadership, finance, payroll, and a whole slew of office operations, Jenny fits her role of Operations Manager perfectly!

Image of Jaimee Frey

Jaimee Frey

Relationship Manager

Jaimee's energy and love for people pour into every area of her life, and at Blue Jay, clients get to reap the benefits!

Image of Kristen Stelzer

Kristen Stelzer

Relationship Manager

I’ve worked with clients and had the privilege of serving them on an individual level in some fashion for the last 20 years and have always loved it!

Image of Nichole Wagner

Nichole Wagner

Relationship Manager

Past experiences and skillsets built throughout the years, paired with a passion for people have helped equip me to support our clients in my role as a relationship manager.