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We believe that everyone can benefit from and deserves a financial plan. We know that financial planning can be confusing and that preparing to retire well can be overwhelming. That's why our mission is to provide hope and clarity and why we're obsessed with delivering incredible value to our clients. We are fee-only financial planners and fiduciaries which means that the best interest of our clients is the top priority. We offer wealth management, subscription services, and hourly financial planning help to everyone, regardless of how much money they have to invest.

Wealth Management

Our most commonly utilized service is wealth management, which is designed for people with complex planning needs such as nearing/entering retirement, managing an inheritance, living off of investments, reducing taxes, managing a small business, or working to become financially independent. Our comprehensive process has a financial plan at its heart, which drives our recommendations and strategies for clients.

How Wealth Management Works

Subscription Service

We're living in a subscription world, and we offer financial planning as a monthly subscription-based service as well. This service gives people access to comprehensive financial planning that don't have a large bucket of assets, but could use the help. Young professionals, small-business owners, and people working their way through Dave Ramsey's first four baby steps are usually those that take advantage of this ongoing planning and coaching relationship.

How Blue Jay Subscription Works


Sometimes you just need a little advice or a second opinion. Though this isn't our preferred method of working with clients, we offer an hourly service much like you'd expect with an attorney or CPA.

How Hourly Planning Works


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