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We will help you navigate your financial future.

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We will help you navigate your financial future.

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We're Ready To Help

We believe that everyone can benefit from and deserves a financial plan. We know that financial planning can be confusing and that preparing to retire well can be overwhelming. That's why our mission is to provide hope and clarity and why we're obsessed with delivering incredible value to our clients. We are fee-only financial planners and fiduciaries which means that the best interest of our clients is the top priority. We offer wealth management, subscription services, and hourly financial planning help to everyone, regardless of how much money they have to invest.

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Wealth Management

Our most commonly utilized service is wealth management, which is designed for people with complex planning needs such as nearing/entering retirement, managing an inheritance, living off of investments, reducing taxes, managing a small business, or working to become financially independent. Our comprehensive process has a financial plan at its heart, which drives our recommendations and strategies for clients.

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What makes us different?

We get our biggest thrills from helping people plan through retirement, become financially independent, plan for your kids and grandkids, and become incredibly wealthy so that you can give a bunch of it away.

We want to serve you and deliver enormous value to you. We normally charge our clients a flat percentage of 1.5% annually on all invested assets. This is usually paid directly from the accounts.

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Checking Your Financial Vitals

We love helping people identify their goals and creating ongoing actionable plans for them that have steps that are clear, digestible, and achievable. One tool we use to empower them is the Elements app. The Elements scorecard provides a clear view of their financial health. You can think of the Elements scorecard like your vital signs at a doctor’s office: they help us both see how you’re doing financially and where we should focus our efforts to help you progress toward your goals. Get started here!

Why a blue jay?

Have you seen one? Aside from its vibrant coloring and its sometimes annoying noisiness, blue jays are remarkably intelligent birds that save, plan, and protect their families. Both the male and female jaybirds gather materials for building their nest and aggressively protect it and their young. You may have seen the familiar sight of a blue jay chasing and mocking predators like a hawk; this shows the resilience and tenacity of the bird. Amazingly, blue jays collect food and store it for later (kind of like a beautifully plumed, tailless squirrel with a beak, and also only two feet). The blue jay can hold as many as five acorns in its mouth for transportation and a recent study found a group of six blue jays stored more than 3000 acorns in a single autumn!

The blue jay is a planner, it values its family, and is wise with its current resources so that it can flourish in the future. That’s why.