Jason Demland


I could have probably been a teacher. Or a rock-star. Rock-star would have been good too.

My Path To Financial Planner

I love being a financial planner though and am fulfilled most when I get to help people understand how their future can be impacted by financial decisions they make right now.

I’m a SmartVestor Pro because I relate to people using Dave Ramsey’s program to get their financial lives straight. I’ve been there myself. I’m there now!

Many years ago, in a new business venture in agriculture with my dad, in a rented old Case IH Magnum that only got AM radio, I heard a lot of the Dave Ramsey show by God’s providence. Dave gave me some hope that my new wife and I could be prosperous in spite of our poor decisions and meager means and that got me really interested in personal finance.

When the business failed, I looked for and found a job in finance. I loved it.

I met Jason Bernal with whom I shared a passion for pure financial planning and Blue Jay was born. We’ve helped hundreds of people plan, invest, and retire since.

More About Me Personally

My wife Amanda and I have 5 children and live in Defiance, OH. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and love gathering together with the saints at Peace Reformed Church. I’m passionately pro life and am blessed to serve on the board for the CPC Women’s Health Resource. I sometimes have a beard and/or long hair. I play the guitar and love music. I love playing basketball and reading fiction.


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