Financial Independence / Retire Early


Planning For Independence

If you looking to get financially independent we can help you. We can help you plan to be entirely debt free and self-reliant. We can help manage your investments, set goals, anticipate challenges, and change your future. For folks that haven’t already amassed a few hundred thousand dollars in investments, but are well on their way we offer a subscription based consulting service. It includes:

-An ongoing relationship with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional
– a comprehensive financial plan updated on an ongoing basis with our Financial Planning Calendar
– fully managed portfolio by Blue Jay Financial Group utilizing the Blue Jay Method
– consulting for your employer-sponsored plans (e.g. 401(k) or 403(b))
– on-going communication and updates throughout the year


STEP 1) Schedule a Learn More Meeting if you just want to see if Blue Jay is a good fit. We’ll talk about your past experiences, future goals, and hopefully laugh a little.This is low pressure and free! We don’t charge a dime until we are managing your assets.

STEP 2) Once you know you want to work with us, schedule a Get Organized Meeting. To get the most out of this time, we want to review statements of current retirement accounts, bank information, current budgets, and any other personal financial materials beforehand. If you’re wondering whether or not information will be useful, bring it on in! We would rather have too much information than not enough – and it’s usually all connected.

STEP 3) We’ll review your information and develop a financial plan alongside you and your family. We will schedule next steps and follow-up with you, making sure that you are staying on track with your goals.

STEP 4)We’re done with set-up! From here, we will implement an agreed upon Review Schedule that works best for you. We will keep you in the loop with our Annual Financial Planning Calendar and update your plan with each monthly focus point.

Our Wealth Management Service costs 1.5% annually. The Blue Jay Subscription Service has an initial cost of $500 and $200 a month beginning the second month.


Schedule a Meeting

We offer free consultation meetings before you get invested in our company. We would love for you to come in to meet us and hear more about what we do day-to-day and how we can take care of you and your finances.